HD/SD Graphics & Character Generator

HD/SD Graphics & Character Generator


Model: CG-500

Giá bán: 8830613988.306.139₫



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Tổng Quan

 - Real-time graphic render. supports flexible play control of multiple playlists. real-time multi-layer play at the same time.
 - High-Quality Render and GPU Effects including 3D PageCurl. Swirl. Explode and Linear Light
 - All effects are keyframe-able
 - Innovative group playing and text playing: by character. by line and by text. exclusive GPU dynamic texture
 - Templates: including layout. CGlayout. Animation. Effect. etc.
 - Modify on the fly: create and modify without interrupting the current playout
 - Flexible Play List Control: 3 playlists. 1 subtitle and 1 quick play list each with sequence play. arbitrary play. schedule time play or auto play
 - Independent playlist hotkey control
 - Real-Time data for text crawler objects. stock crawler objects. universal flip objects. These objects can be linked with kinds of external data source (such as CSV file. text file. ODBC. etc) for real-time updating of graphic information
 - External monitor displays title editing and playing through linking a single VGA
 - 3D Stereoscopic Creating and Playing: side by side. top and bottom. line interleave output. Advanced hardware supports 3D stereoscopic dual output of left eye and right eye (full colour. fill colour and alpha colour)
 * Compatible with DeckLink HD Extreme 3D+ Card
 * Windows Only

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