Phần mềm tạo chữ cho live event

Phần mềm tạo chữ cho live event


Model: TitleBox

Giá bán: 4930464149.304.641₫


Gọi đặt mua: call 08 8860 1166 (tư vấn miễn phí)

Tổng Quan

- Interactive graphics manager which creates. displays and controls fascinating multi-zone screens with rolls. crawls. animations. clocks. station logos and more. It is suitable for broadcast and cable TV channels. digital signage applications and hospitality channels of hotels. schools. corporations. retail businesses. shopping malls. churches. airports. holiday resorts. theme parks. etc.
- Its unprecedented level of interactive control over the on-air CG objects turns TitleBox into a powerful tool. ideally suited for music shows. live entertainment programs and presentations. sports events titling.
Tiêu chuẩn kỹ thuật:
- Crawls*          Horizontally running text messages
- Rolls*             Vertically rolling credits and messages
- Animations      Channel logos. animated backgrounds. etc. (TGA sequence. Animated GIF. Flash animations)
- Text templates*           Still text labels with background pictures
- Pictures           Still graphics
- Clocks             Analogue** and digital clocks. countdowns. timers
- Banners          Still graphics slideshows with various transitions
- Chat notes*     Chat-like text object with automated vertically scrolling text
- Chat lines*      Chat-like text object with automated horizontally scrolling text
- DirectShow media        A video source or file can be stretched into a window
- Desktop windows         Partial or entire Windows desktop display
- Web browser   Web site contents can be shown on-air
- Shapes           Various graphics primitives

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