VGA and Stereo Audio Switchers

VGA and Stereo Audio Switchers

SW12 VGA Ars

Model: SW12 VGA Ars

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Tổng Quan

 - Inputs: 12 input models with 15-pin HD connectors; 3.5 mm stereo mini jacks for audio
 - Output: 15-pin HD connector for video; captive screw connector for audio
 - 350 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth
 - Compatible with VGA-QXGA and HDTV component video signals
 - ID bits from input 1 are routed to the primary output
 - Dual buffered outputs - 12-input switchers only — Eliminates the additional cost of a VGA and audio distribution amplifier for dual-display applications.
 - Switches balanced and unbalanced stereo audio
 - Active PC audio buffering — Converts unbalanced PC audio to balanced. line level signals. eliminating noise over long cable runs.
 - Compatible with Extron VSW I AAP — The optional VSW I AAP provides remote input connection and selection. which is useful in multiple-participant presentation environments.
 - Auto-input switching — Automatically switches to the highest-numbered input with an active video signal.
 - RS-232 control
 - IR control — The SW VGA Series switchers can be conveniently controlled via IR remote control with the optional Extron IR 102 kit.
 - 1U. rack-mountable metal enclosure
 - Internal universal power supply — The 100-240 VAC. 50/60 Hz. international power supply provides worldwide power compatibility.

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