X-Y Remote Control Panel with LCD Display loại lắp bục phát biểu

X-Y Remote Control Panel with LCD Display loại lắp bục phát biểu

MKP 3000 L

Model: MKP 3000 L

Giá bán: 2562289225.622.892₫



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Tổng Quan

Tính năng:
• Compatible with most Extron matrix switchers via Ethernet or RS 232 — Remote control can be added to both new and existing Extron matrix switcher installations.
• Rack-mountable with optional Extron UCM RAAP – Universal Controller Mounting Rack Kit
• LCD display user interface — Makes it easy to select and view the status of inputs. outlets. and presets.
• Selection scroll knob — Allows simple selection of inputs. outputs. presets. and volume control.
• Integrated 10-key numeric keypad — Enables quick. direct entry of I/O ties. ideal for use with larger matrix switching systems.
• I/O and preset naming — Input sources. output destinations. and global presets can be easily named using internal Web pages or serial commands.
• Audio/Video breakaway control — Select audio only. video only. or audio and video. per input.
• Audio volume control — The selection scroll knob doubles as an audio output volume control for many Extron matrix switcher models.
• Global preset recall
• Virtual I/O grouping — Each MKP 3000 L can be configured with its own unique set of inputs and outputs. By limiting user access to specific I/O ties. custom switching zones can be easily created.
• View all I/O ties in real time — Allows the user to recall any established I/O tie and view it on an MKP 3000 Ls LCD display.
• RS-232 pass-through port — In addition to the primary RS-232 port. the MKP 3000 also includes a second • RS-232 pass-through port. This provides a convenient communication path when a control system is used in conjunction with the MKP 3000.
• Unlimited control points — Multiple MKP 300 Series control panels can be added to any matrix system. providing convenient points of control from virtually any location.
• Integrated Web server — The MKP 3000 L can be easily configured through its Ethernet port. using a Web browser such as Microsofts Internet Explorer.
• Supports I/O sizes up to 256 x 256 and larger — The MKP 3000 L can switch both physical and virtual I/Os on large switchers such as the Extron Matrix 12800.
• Executive lockout mode — The front panel of the MKP 3000 L can be locked out via Ethernet or RS-232 to prevent unauthorized panel configuration.

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